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Which of the following Items Should Not Appear on a Rental or Lease Agreement

The off-campus housing listing displays rental units based on the following criteria: Like landlord insurance, tenants` insurance protects your personal belongings from loss and protects you from huge legal and medical bills in case someone is injured in your apartment. Your lease is a legal document that defines all aspects of your relationship with your new landlord, so read it carefully before signing. Understand everything that is expected of you and what your legal rights are. A lease is a legally binding document, and you can be held liable if the conditions are not met. Rent is the most important thing your landlord expects from you. Roommates must agree on who is responsible for how much of the rent and whether they pay it to a roommate who pays the landlord or whether they pay it individually. Once accepted, students can use the myPCT E-mporium classifieds page to search for roommates, rentals, and sales. Make sure that the deposit refund procedures are set out in your rental or rental agreement. To protect yourself and avoid misunderstandings, make sure your rental or rental agreement is clear about the use and refund of deposits, including allowable deductions. Your landlord has insurance to cover their loss if the building is destroyed or damaged in any way. Your landlord is also insured in case someone (including a tenant) gets injured on the property, but not in your apartment.

The average tenant can get full coverage for a few hundred dollars or less per year. Check with your parent or guardian what, if any, their insurance can cover. The living room is the perfect place to sit, watch your favorite game or TV show, study or spend time with friends. Comfortable furnishings and several TVs make this room ideal for student meetings. The lounge is located on the first floor of the Campus Center and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Student Engagement offers a variety of events and programs during the day! For more information, visit the Student Engagement page! Your roommate`s insurance covers their belongings, but it doesn`t cover yours unless you`re listed in your roommate`s policy. Bring your own lock and don`t forget to empty your locker at the end of the semester! Located in LEC, BTC, ATHS, CC (second floor). Parking is available throughout campus for commuters. Consult the campus map for student parking.

Warm up your meals in our on-campus dining rooms. You`ll find microwaves in the Keystone Dining Room, Wildcat Express, Fresh Produce, Fuel and Bookmarks. The condition in which you leave your home is important and often determines the amount of your deposit that will be refunded. Being organized and taking your time can make all the difference. Conveniently located outside the CC Commons dining area, you can sit outside on the terrace. Also a great place to study outside or relax near the fireplace.. .